Resilience: Building Strength from Within - How Personal Values Empower Young People in a Rapidly Changing and Challenging World

A One-Day Program for Young People and Their Parents/Teachers

Executive Summary:

In an ever-evolving world, the ability to build resilience is essential for success and well-being. The “SHOW UP…STAND OUT…SHOW OFF…®” program is a transformative one-day workshop designed to empower young people with resilience and personal growth skills. Additionally, it offers parents and teachers the opportunity to participate in the Train-the-Trainer program, equipping them to guide and mentor the next generation. Join us for an enriching experience that prepares both youth and adults to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

Course Contents

1. Welcome and Overview of the Program
2. Emphasize the dual focus of the program: Empowerment for young people and Train-the-Trainer for parents/teachers.
3. Session 1: Decoding Your Identity

a. Embracing the journey of self-discovery
b. Understanding the importance of knowing who you are

4. Session 2: Seeking Power Through Vision
a. Setting goals and creating a vision for your future
b. Mapping out your personal compass for success

5. Session 3: Soundness – Respecting Priorities
a. The significance of prioritizing in a fast-paced world
b. Balancing responsibilities and commitments effectively

6. Session 4: Making the Most of Yourself
a. Unleashing your potential and embracing your talents
b. Cultivating a mindset of continuous growth

7. Session 5: Advancing in Knowledge and Skills Daily
a. The value of lifelong learning and skill development
b. Strategies for self-improvement and staying updated.

8. Session 6: Respecting Yourself
a. Recognizing your self-worth and building self-esteem
b. Promoting a positive self-image and self-care

9. Session 7: Thinking Beyond Yourself
a. Understanding the concept of personal social responsibility
b. Making a positive impact on your community and society

10. Session 8: Telling Your Story
a. Sharing your experiences and lessons to inspire others.
b. Crafting and presenting your personal narrative

11. Session 9: Exuding Your Flavour
a. Embracing your uniqueness and originality
b. Expressing your individuality with confidence

12. Session 10: Cultivating Empathy
a. Developing the ability to understand and share others’ feelings.
b. Practicing empathy in interactions and relationships

13. Session 11: Speed-Limit Consciousness
a. Embracing patience and contentment as virtues
b. Overcoming the pressures of a fast-paced world

14. Session 12: Seeking Meaningful Relationships
a. Exploring the importance of healthy relationships
b. Nurturing connections based on shared values.

15. Session 13: Taking It Easy with Yourself
a. Embracing self-compassion and learning from mistakes
b. Overcoming self-criticism and fostering a growth mindset

16. Session 14: Turning to God
a. Reflecting on spiritual connection and surrender
b. Finding strength and guidance through faith

The “SHOW UP…STAND OUT…SHOW OFF…®” program is a transformative experience that equips young people with essential life skills and empowers parents and teachers as mentors and guides. Through interactive sessions and practical strategies, participants will embark on a journey of personal growth and resilience, prepared to navigate challenges and inspire positive change in themselves and the world around them.

Sign-Up Information:
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