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The S.A.F.E ® for Children website

S.A.F.E® for Children Society is a non–profit and non-political organization concerned with engaging the precious African children

Child’s Right Act (2003)

The Child's Right Act (2003) safeguards the rights and well-being of children, ensuring their protection and empowerment.

Taiwo Akinlami’s Bibliography

Complete list of Taiwo AKINLAMI’S Bibliography. Made available for free as his contribution to the cause of the SAFETY of children.
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Our Brief History

About Taiwo Akinlami Academy

Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy was established in 2011 as a Social Enterprise by Taiwo AKINLAMI, with a deep commitment to promoting Legal Enlightenment, Social Development, and Social Empowerment Engagements. This commitment stems from his belief in building an Egalitarian Africa and a world where our precious children can express their full potential as God’s precious children.

Since 1997, Taiwo AKINLAMI has been dedicated to advocating for Child Safeguarding, Protection, and Family Strengthening. It started as his Personal Social Responsibility Projects and later expanded through his law firm, Gilgal Partners, which was founded in 1999.


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