One-Year Coaching Program for Executives, Leaders, and Child Safeguarding and Protection Focal Persons within Child-Focused Organizations, including Educational Institutions, For-Profit, Not-For- Profit, Faith-Based, Community-Based, and other entities; Government  Agencies, Policy Thinkers, Policy Makers, and both State and Non-State Practitioners.

Ø  1 Day Inaugural Retreat 
Ø  3 Months 2 Weeks in Class
Ø  6 Weeks of Implementation of the Policy
Ø  3 Weeks Months of Coaching
Ø  2 Week Rounding up and Graduation.

Mastering Child Safeguarding and Protection: Building a Culturally Sensitive Approach in One Year

Child safeguarding and protection require a comprehensive and culturally-sensitive approach that encompasses systems, policies, processes, and a deeply ingrained culture within organizations. This one-year coaching program is designed to guide participants on a transformative journey to become masters in child safeguarding and protection, with a specific focus on integrating an African sensitivity into their practices.

UNDERSTANDING THE CORE SYSTEM: Delve into the foundational aspects of child safeguarding and protection, exploring the essential components of systems, policies, processes, and culture that form the backbone of effective practices.

CODIFYING POLICIES: Learn how to develop and implement robust child safeguarding policies that align with global standards while taking into consideration the unique cultural contexts and challenges faced in an African setting.

STREAMLINING PROCESSES: Gain insights into streamlining processes for identification, reporting, and response to child safeguarding concerns, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in handling cases.

CULTIVATING AN ENTRENCHED CULTURE: Explore strategies to foster a strong and deeply entrenched child safeguarding culture within organizations, promoting shared responsibility and commitment from all stakeholders. 

CAPACITY BUILDING: Engage in continuous capacity building activities, including training sessions, workshops, and mentoring, to enhance knowledge, skills, and competencies in child safeguarding and protection.

AFRICAN SENSITIVITY: Embrace the rich cultural diversity and contextual nuances of Africa, integrating an African sensitivity into child safeguarding practices to ensure relevance, respect, and effective engagement with local communities.

Module 1: Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for Children® in Africa.

> The Foundational Ideology and Principles of Child Safeguarding and Protection in an African context

>  Exploring the evolution from Child Rights to Child Safeguarding and Protection to Childhood Preservation

Module 2: Understanding Key Concepts in Child Safeguarding and Protection

> Defining the Child: Identifying the characteristics and rights of a child

>  Exploring the Best Interest of the Child and its components

> Recognizing Child Dehumanization/Abuse and its forms

> African-Sensitive Child Safeguarding and Protection: Uniqueness and significance

Module 3: Legal Frameworks and Principles for Child Safeguarding and Protection

> International and National Laws and Conventions related to Child Safeguarding and Protection

> Perspectives on effective implementation of Child Safeguarding and Protection principles

Module 4: The Role of Family in Child Safeguarding and Protection

> Understanding the importance of the family unit in protecting children

> The 4 Rings of Protection: Family’s role in creating a safe and nurturing environment.

Module 5: Approaches to Child Safeguarding and Protection

> Issue-Based Approach vs. Systems-Based Approach: Analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

> Navigating the complexities of Child Safeguarding and Protection systems

Module 6: Developing an African-Sensitive Child Safeguarding and Protection System/Policy

> The 7 pivotal steps to developing an effective and enduring system/policy.

> Practical strategies for tailoring the system/policy to the African context.

Module 7: Translating Policies into Processes

> Essential skills for transforming Child Safeguarding and Protection policies into actionable processes.

> Ensuring alignment between policies and organizational practices

Module 8: Cultivating a Child Safeguarding and Protection Culture

> Building a culture of Child Safeguarding and Protection through knowledge, skill, and attitude development

> The role of capacity building in fostering effective implementation

Module 9: Turning My Passion into Profit: How to Build an Inspiring African and Exportable Social Enterprise from Scratch- My Personal Story

Module 10:
> Identifying the qualities and responsibilities of Child Safeguarding and Protection champions.

> Empowering individuals to advocate for and promote Child Safeguarding and Protection in their organizations.

Conclusion: By the end of this one-year coaching program, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to become effective leaders in the field of Child Safeguarding and Protection, with a deep understanding of the African context and a commitment to creating a safe and protective environment for children.

Program Duration and Format:
The one-year coaching program comprises a series of modules, workshops, coaching sessions, and practical assignments to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Participants will have access to online resources, discussion forums, and expert guidance throughout the program.

Who Should Attend:
This coaching program is ideal for professionals working in child-focused organizations, government agencies, NGOs, educational institutions, and community leaders who are committed to ensuring the safety and protection of children in Africa.

Call to Action: Join us on this transformative journey to become a master in child safeguarding and protection, blending global best practices with an African sensitivity, and making a significant impact in the lives of our precious children. Together, we can build a safer and more inclusive future for the next generation.

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