‘Since 1988, Taiwo Akinlami has made invaluable contributions to the Social Empowerment and Advancement books2space, sharing his thoughts and ideology through the print and electronic media. Taiwo Akinlami’s bibliography provides you an unfettered access to Taiwo Akinlami’s exciting world of Social Empowerment and Advancement(SEA).

Our Statement of Service

Think the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE™…According to Fredrick Douglass ‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.’ Therefore, it is our fundamental CREED and approach to Child Protection that Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement™.  In view of the foregoing, we provide child protection solutions and services to individuals, families, local and international organizations through consulting, training programs, certifications, conferences, publications (soft and hard copies), audio-visual materials, and legal representation before and outside the courts of law.’

The Cause

We lead a Legal Enlightenment and Social Development movement, which aim is to stir up PRIVATE and PUBLIC WILL to SEEK and ATTAIN Personal and National Development and Transformation for the People and Nations of Africa, with an unrepentant commitment to the universal principles of human existence which God, the Maker of all things created to govern the affairs of man and this universe as we know it today, and the law as an instrument of SOCIAL CHANGE.

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The Mission

We exist to relentlessly and purposefully stir up social conscience and consciousness in the pursuit of the common good through individual and general, private and public legal enlightenment and social development engagements.

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LEAD Summarised

To run an academy as a social enterprise, which provides services in the areas of empowerment and enlightenment on the protection and safety of children, law and entrepreneurship, general legal enlightenment, personal and corporate social responsibilities to individuals, families, local and international organizations in the private and public sectors through consulting, short-term and long-term certificate and non-certificate training programs, certifications, conferences and legal representation and consulting before and outside the courts of law.

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Child Protection Intelligence Quotient (CPiQ) Self-Assessment Guide

Upcoming Events

Our impact has been felt in so many institutions of learning at every level.

A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started. He is going to sit where you’re sitting, and when you’re gone; attend to those things, which are important. You may adopt all the policies you please, but how they are carried out depends on him.


  • ‘Taiwo Akinlami, you blew my mind with your speech and knowledge. I salute your for standing up for children. I am in awe!’  
    Dr. Tererai Trent, Educationist and Founder Tinogona Foundation, Zimbabwe 
  • ‘I like your approach to Child Protection; it is highly philosophical.’
    Mor Dioum, Director of The Victoria Climbe Foundation, United Kingdom, Legal Practitioner and Child Protection Specialist
  • ‘I commend your presentation. It was backed up with so much passion. We all found it very inspiring and will definitely recommend you to others.’
    Dr. (Mrs.) C.O. Ogunsanya, Managing Director, Oxbridge Tutorial College, G.R.A. Ikeja and Chairman, Association of Private Educators of Nigeria (APEN) Board of Trustees
  • ‘I had been privileged to hear Mr. Akinlami speak at the 3rd APEN Conference. So it didn’t come as a surprise to observe the spell-bound, rapt attention my colleagues paid to the… program recently held at Grange School. I have also seen a change of attitude, better mentality …towards the role and function of impacting positively the lives of this future generation.’
    Morenike Olaosebikan, Human Resources Administrator, Grange School, G.R.A. Ikeja
  • ‘I’m humbled. I must do more for my community, my staff, my students and my world. He has shown me that I can never do enough for my world.
    Dr. Ms. Maggie Ibru, Founder, S.T & Regency Intl Schools, G.R.A. Ikeja
  • It was my privilege to meet someone like you who is so open, dedicated and obviously loving; who gave me the honour of telling me about your tremendous struggle and then triumph; who is an example of how super-human will and redefinition of goals CAN be achieved!  That is what I admire the most about you.’
    Guy B. Scandlen, Retired UNICEF Communication Specialist, Consultant, Advisor, Trainer and University lecturer
  • Taiwo Akinlami understands and speaks the language of child rights. His understanding of the dynamics, context, and cultural challenges including the facilitation of solutions to issues relating to rights of the child makes him everything you wish in an advocate, championing children causes
    Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi, Executive Director, Nigeria Network of NGOs
  • Taiwo Akinlami Child Protection Academy has given me thorough insight into Laws that govern children and the work we do.’ 
    Mrs. Atoyebi Adebola, CEO, Heritage House Montessori Centre


Child Protection Intelligence Movement (i-PROTECT)

18 years of field experience as Child Protection Practitioners and Thinkers and over $500,000.00…

The Taiwo Akinlami Child Protection Academy (TACA)

The Taiwo Akinlami Child Protection Academy (TACA) seeks to give expression to our mandate as expressed in our vision.

The Child Protection Roundtable (CR)

It is our latest efforts to enlighten primary and secondary child caregivers in the life of the child on the critical issue of child protection.

The Child Protection Systems

Establishment and Monitoring of Child Protection Systems for Schools and other institutions

Child Protection Recruitment Consultancy

Attention to Child Protection in respect of recruiting new hands for child-focused…

March 24: The Taiwo Akinlami Child Protection Day

17 years ago I received a divine mandate to champion the cause of the African Child as..

The Child Protection Watch

One of our mandates is playing the roles Independent Legal and Social Regulatory Experts on Child Protection, Child’s Rights and Responsibilities Issues

Social EMPOWERMENT Advocate. Child Protection Specialist. Independent Legal & Social Regulatory Expert on Child’s Rights & Responsibilities Issues. Consultant to UNICEF on Child Protection. Legal Enlightenment & Development Enthusiast. Legal Coach to SMEs & Organized Social Work (OSW) Practitioners.

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We are a Positive Change and Human Ingenuity-Focused Inspirational Social Enterprise. We are a Social Services Provider and Social Empowerment Advocates, whose primary mandate is to serve the Social Services Sector.