We exist to relentlessly and purposefully stir up social conscience and consciousness in the pursuit of the common good through individual and general, private and public legal enlightenment and social development engagements.

The foregoing MISSION finds unfettered expression in the following projects:

  • Child Protection intelligence Movement (i-Protect™): This is our leading and flagship project. The mandate of i-Protect™ is to strengthen the family (and other private and public institutions) and protect the child by BRINGING TO THE FRONT BURNER of the conscience and consciousness of individuals, private and public institutions in Africa, the PROTECTION, RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES of the child for due respect IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, using as instrumentalities of effectiveness Social Empowerment Solutions, Private and Public Enlightenment and Enforcement of existing laws.
  • Legal Enlightenment and Social Development™ (LEAD): We believe that the law is the foundation of the modern society. Therefore GENUINE, ENDURING and ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT in modern society is ACHIEVABLE through the DEMOCRATISATION of the KNOWLEDGE of the LAW in every area of life of the generality of our people. In the pursuit of the foregoing, we pursue different projects aimed at arming our immediate populace and beyond with Legal Enlightenment.
  • LAWpreneurship™ focuses on empowering business people (particularly, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) with the rudimentary knowledge of the law as it relates to their day to day business management. It is disseminated as consultancy services, training, audiovisual materials etc.
  • Rediscovered Citizenship™ (RC): This is a citizenship education program, aimed at helping our citizens to understand and make personal and corporate commitment to the Three Historical and Constitutional Powers of Citizenship as keys to Personal Prosperity and National Transformation.
  • Career Development Initiative™ (CAD) with a mandate to help law undergraduate, the Nigerian Law School Students and new wigs to build a vibrant career in law. CAD is disseminated through a seminar series, which elaborates on the career opportunities that exist almost automatically from the day they are called to the bar.