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One of our mandates is playing the roles Independent Legal and Social Regulatory Experts on Child Protection, Child’s Rights and Responsibilities Issues.

We are available as independent legal and social regulatory body in ensuring best practices, which promotes nothing but the best interest of the child in the relationship between the child and both primary and secondary caregivers. Our reference to secondary caregivers covers individuals, institutions of learning, child-focused Non-Government Organisation and regulatory bodies.

As an independent social and legal regulatory body, we have identified the following mandates:

  1. Monitoring: to ensure that private and public institutions providing social and business services to children live up to their terms of reference and brand promises as documented in Memorandum and Article of Association, Constitution, and enabling laws.
  2. Private Investigation: in matters of suspicion of abuse or actual abuse, we receive reports and work with the primary and secondary caregivers to carefully investigate the suspicion of abuse or actual abuse with a view to establishing justice for the child and establishing an iron-clad template for a reoccurrence for such case(s).
  3. Media Campaign/Publication of Reports: we shall engage in media campaign to sensitize members of the public on the reports of our monitoring and private investigation activities as we find it necessary to aid getting justice for a child or enhance better service delivery from private and public institutions. We shall also publish an annual report of our monitoring and private investigation activities for the purpose of ensuring that child is adequately protected both by the primary and secondary caregivers.
  4. Demand for Public Inquiry: In the pursuit of our mission as independent social and legal regulatory body, we shall demand for public inquiries from local, state and federal governments on matters of child protection, which have serious implications on our national life and the future of the Nigerian child. It shall be part of our demand that such public inquiries shall engage all the actors in the child protection matter in question, identify root causes, recommend home-grown solutions and make its report available to government for immediate actions and to the members of the public for the purpose of holding government and its official accountable.

Contact us today in matters relating to child protection matters of concern to you, where you desire us to play any or all of the identified roles.