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Child Protection Systems

Child Protection Systems by which we professionally establish Child Protection System for families and institutions/organizations is specifically, a product of a social empowerment research effort (on how to establish Child Protection Systems, according to global standards and yet with respect for the peculiarities of the African continent), instituted 8 (eight) years ago, costing us in human and financial investment over $500,000(Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) and in generally, our 18(eighteen) active years of field experiences as Nigeria’s foremost Child Rights and Protection-focused legal practitioners.

One of our fundamental findings is that contrary to general thinking, the number one responsibility of primary and secondary caregivers to the child is protection. Why? Once the child is abused, he/she does not have any room in his/her spirit, soul and body to receive any other thing, care, education, instruction, discipline, leisure etc. Abuse simply changes everything for the worst for the child.

The Child Protection Systems exists to establish a culture of Child Protection through systems. Establishing Child Protection Systems involves to three (3) components: first helping the families and institutions/organization to set goal or set of goals for child protection; second, identify actors and their distinct roles in child protection, thereby establishing interdependence of forces to protect children. The third component is an offshoot of the first two (2) components. It is simply, balance.

The existence of the first two (2) components achieves balance, which sustains the protection of children. The foregoing components help create an ironclad protection of children from child abuse and any form of exploitation, employing the two-fold strategic solutions outlined below:

  1. Consulting: The truth is that the world has moved from Issues-Based Approach to Child Protection to Systems-Based Approach. The Systems-Based Approach is articulated and executed through Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy, with the aim of creating a culture of child protection.Therefore our consulting on Child Protection/Safeguarding culminates in drafting and adopting a Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy for families and institutions/organizations.
  2. Public Adoption of Child Protection Policy/Training:  BIRTHING, SUSTAINING and ENTRENCHING the culture of Child Protection does not end with consulting, culminating in establishing Child Protection Systems. On a deeper level it demands orientation and reorientation of the operators of the Child Protection Systems. Orientation and reorientation is achieved through training and retraining of the operators of the Child Protection system. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to establish the Child Protection System and make it operative without the Public Adoption and Training.