The Child Protection Culture Academy

Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement


Phase 1

Child Protection Basics (CPB): This basic phase addresses foundational issues that deal directly with the day-to-day relating and working with children as primary and secondary caregivers. The goal is to empower custodians to become more informed and effective in protecting the children under their care and to do all things at all times in the best interest of the child, employing, knowledge, skill and attitude in the discharge of their responsibilities.

Below are the details of the Phase 1: Child Protection Culture Basics (CPB) of the Academy:

1. Deliverables:

I.    CA Start-up Pack(SP), listed below

II.   CA  Empowerment Nuggets (Weekly)

III.  Weekly  CA Empowerment SMS

IV.  Attendance of the CA Program for Couple

V.  Opportunity to nominate others for the CA Programs

VI.  Hosting of the CA Roundtable: facilitating, without charge introduction of Child Protection to your area of influence in small group or home setting.

VII.  One-on-One Counselling and Coaching on Family and Child Protection Issues

VIII. Certificate of Completion

2.  Duration: 12 Calendar Months

3.  How to sign-up: Prospective subscribers shall take the following steps to sign-up

  1. Signify interest by requesting for the Enrolment Form(EF) from the Faculty Officer(FO)
  2. Complete the Enrolment Form(EF)
  3. Make  payment for Sign-up Fee  (SF) of N50,000.00(Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only)
  4. Subscribers shall receive by SMS their Reference/Registration Code (RC) from the Academy Administrator (AA).
  5. The RC shall be relevant in subscribers benefiting from item VII of the deliverables itemised in Paragraph 2 above.

4. Services:
I. Start-up Pack(SP): Upon payment for sign-up fee the subscriber receives Start-up Pack(SP) comprising of the following Audio Programs:
i. ABC of Child Protection…An Inevitable Awareness/Enlightenment Program for Effective and Responsible Primary and Secondary Caregivers

ii. Child-Friendly Thinking: 12 Global and Contemporary Factors Every Primary (Parents/Guardians) and Secondary (Schools & Child-Focused Organisations) Caregivers MUST DISCOVER and ADOPT to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of their Children at all TIME

iii. Child Protection from Abuses: The Role of Vigilant Parents

iv. ChildProtetctionCREED™: Protection Tips for Informed Caregivers

v. Stories Senses and Stones (SSS): Abused Childhood, Transformed Adulthood

vi. Child’s Rights and Discipline: 25 Core Habits of a Purposeful, Disciplined and Effective Disciplinarian

vii. The Best Interest of the Child Constitution

viii. 15 Facts to Consider Before Registering your Children in a School

ix. 12 Attributes of a Child-Friendly Workplace

x. Child Protection: Teaching Basic Key Household Practices Skills

xi. The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution

xii. So You Want To Send Your Child To A Boarding School? Ask These 11 Fundamental Child Protection-Focused Questions

xiii. So You Want to Send Your Child to the Children’s Department of Your Place of Worship? Ask these Ten (10) Child Protection Focused Questions

xiv. The Social Science of Right-Based Communication™: Teaching the 18 Inevitable & Tested Commandments of Right-Based Communication with Children

xv. DISABILITY or THISABILITY: Understanding the MYTH and REALITY of Differently ABLED Children and their need for PROTECTION

xvi. You, Your Child and the Media…10 Fundamental Principles to Carefully Consider

xvii. Video CD (3 different titles): a. Third Eye on TVC: Spare the rod, and spoil the child? b. Sexual Abuse: Safety Tips and c. Our Reward: The life of a child being transformed

xviii. i-Protect™…Learning The intelligence of Child Protection: Profiling Abusers, Detecting Red Flags & Preventing/Responding to Abuses

xix. Hygiene… Nutrition …Child Protection…
…connecting the necessary dots…

6. Phase 2
Child Protection Advance (CPA): This phase is our Training the Trainer Program (TTP), which exposes trainees to between 1-3 months of intensive training and field works, culminating in the issuance of a Certification to facilitate The Child Protection Culture Academy (TCPCA). The details of the CPA: Phase 2 of the Academy shall be released to interested parties

Contact Person:
Designation: Academy Administrator (AA)
Email: │Telephone: 234-8186830275