Five (5) VERIFIABLE FACTS of Taiwo Akinlami’s Partnership with UNICEF:

Taiwo Akinlami has in the last 6 years been a consultant, facilitator, resource person, contents provider and researcher for UNICEF and its programs.

  • Akinlami has also been trained extensively by UNICEF in Communication for Development and to disseminate some of its programs, particularly as it relates to the Child’s Rights Act, 2003.
  • All of our programs under our ChildPLUS™-The Child’s Rights Academy and CHANGESPIRATION have been disseminated at UNICEF-organised Capacity Building Programs to UNICEF audiences of diverse interest covering: parents, guardians, teachers, lecturers, secondary school pupils, youth groups, higher institution undergraduates, professional bodies, pressure groups and religious and social organizations, print and electronic media, corporate sponsors and partners, Nigerian law makers and top government functionaries, under the watchful observations and approval of UNICEF’s Child Protection, Communication, Health/HIV/AIDS and Education Specialists.
  • That Education Specialist of UNICEF, Mrs. Justina Onifade has attended as observer/participants the 2-day SCHOOL CLASS of the ChildPLUS™ which objectives is to enlighten School Owners on the relevance of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003 to the day-to-day successful management of schools, where she commented on our Evaluation Form as follows: ‘very useful for my program development and for self-development of children issues. The program is very good especially for teachers and school owners.’

Some of our subjects under our ChildPLUS™ have been reduced to four (4) handbooks covering the four (4) thematic areas of Children’s Rights. Here is the written evaluation of Mrs. Caroline Fola Akosile, Communication For Development Specialist, UNICEF, ‘Educative, inspiring, and a must-read by policy makers, opinion moulders and parents to make all children attain their fullest potentials by obligating their rights to development, protection and participation.